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The right place to find many original easy recipes, heirloom family favorites, and authentic Italian recipes.

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Baked Tomato Sauce

My Baked Tomato Sauce is so EASY to make! The magic is in the fresh ingredients. No more stirring and simmering over a hot stove.

Green Goddess Dressing (1923)

A CLASSIC DRESSING: The perfect way to use your homemade mayonnaise is by making – The Green Goddess Dressing. This year (2015), we celebrate the newly renovated  Palace Hotel, where an inspiring chef developed his famous ‘Green Goddess’ dressing. This classic dressing was invented in the 20s by Chef Philip Roemer at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, to commemorate the popular play “The Green Goddess”.

Fresh Lemon Cake

To me lemons say Springtime and this easy cake is just the thing to celebrate. It's the perfect Easter dessert.
This is one of the easiest from scratch cakes you will ever make!
It keeps really well for up to a week if covered properly, that is if there are any leftovers.
I can't post pictures right now as Yummyfood is getting a make over, but stay tuned!

Pumpkin Squares

These are great when you need a big dessert for the holidays.
The filling is slightly denser than pumpkin pie and the cookie crust adds a nice touch.
This dessert also travels much better than pumpkin pies.
I need to make these and take some pictures.

Bruschetta With Artichoke Cream

A creamy artichoke spread with a delicate flavor for a delicious appetizer topping a light and tasty bruschetta. And if this is not the season for artichokes you can always use those packed in oil or frozen. This also makes a great sauce for pasta.

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