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Quick and easy international recipes

Name +CategoryDifficultySubmitterRating
 Baba GanoushAppetizers & Snacks, AsianEasyrating
 Baby Onions With Saffron And RosemaryAsian, Side Dishes, VegetablesEasyrating
Beef BulgogiMeats, Asian, Quick mealsEasyrating
Chicken AdoboPoultry, AsianEasyrating
 Chinese Chicken WingsAppetizers & Snacks, Asian, Cooking on Budget, Poultry, Quick mealsEasyrating
Crab Rangoon Pot StickersAppetizers & Snacks, Fish & Seafood, AsianEasyrating
 Curried CodAsian, Fish & SeafoodEasyrating
Curried Red Lentil SoupSoups & Stews, Vegetables, Vegetarian & Special Diets, AsianEasyrating
Egg Foo YoungQuick meals, AsianEasyrating
 Fried RiceAsianEasyrating
Ginger Peanut Chicken PenneAsian, Cooking on Budget, Pasta, Poultry, Quick mealsEasyrating
 Green Tea ShrimpAsian, Fish & SeafoodEasyrating
Hot Mustard SauceSauces & Marinades, Condiments, AsianEasyrating
Kare KareAppetizers & Snacks, AsianModeraterating
 Lobster in Grapefruit and Martini sauceAsian, Fish & SeafoodEasyrating
Mango, lemon and coriander dip with poppadomsAppetizers & Snacks, AsianEasyrating
 Nam Pla (Thai fish sauce)Asian, Fish & Seafood, Sauces & MarinadesEasyrating
Nem Pakon (Shrimp Rolls)Appetizers & Snacks, Asian, Fish & SeafoodEasyrating
Oriental Short Rib BarbequeAsian, MeatsEasyrating
Shrimp DumplingsCasseroles & Entrees, AsianModeraterating
Sushi RollsAppetizers & Snacks, Asian, Fish & SeafoodModeraterating
Tabouleh SaladAfrican, Asian, Salads & Dressings, Vegetarian & Special DietsEasyrating
TempuraPoultry, Meats, Fish & Seafood, Vegetables, Asian, VegetablesEasyrating
 Thai Chicken And Basil Stir FryPoultry, Asian, Quick mealsEasyrating
 Thai Chicken Satay SkewersAsianEasyrating
Turkish BaklavaDesserts, Cakes & Pastries, AsianEasyrating
Vietnamese Ice Cream With Coconut And BananaDesserts, AsianEasyrating
 Wonton WrappersAppetizers & Snacks, AsianModeraterating




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