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Quick and easy international recipes

Name +CategoryDifficultySubmitterRating
5 MINUTE CHOCOLATE MUG CAKEAmerican, Appetizers & Snacks, Cakes & Pastries, Desserts, One serving recipesEasyrating
 Apple Curry Turkey PitaAppetizers & Snacks, Quick mealsEasyrating
Artichoke FrittataAppetizers & Snacks, Casseroles & Entrees, Cooking on Budget, Italian, Quick mealsEasyrating
Aussie Meat PiesAppetizers & Snacks, Australian, Meats, This and ThatEasyrating
 Avocados With Walnuts And CheesesAppetizers & SnacksEasyrating
 Baba GanoushAppetizers & Snacks, AsianEasyrating
 Babaghanouj (eggplant purè)African, Appetizers & Snacks, VegetablesEasyrating
 Bacon, Asparagus and Cheese SandwichesAppetizers & Snacks, Quick meals, SandwichesEasyrating
Baked Cheese SticksAppetizers & SnacksEasyrating
 Basil ScallopsAppetizers & Snacks, Fish & Seafood, Italian, Quick mealsEasyrating
Bitterballen (Dutch meatball appetizers)Appetizers & Snacks, EuropeanEasyrating
Bocconcini Delicati - Fried CheeseballsAppetizers & Snacks, European, ItalianEasyrating
 Bruschetta With Artichoke CreamAppetizers & Snacks, Italian, VegetablesEasyrating
Bruschetta with Fresh Ricotta and TomatoAppetizers & Snacks, ItalianEasyrating
Buffalo WingsAppetizers & SnacksEasyrating
 California Prunes with Almonds and BaconAppetizers & SnacksEasyrating
Caramel PralinesAfrican, American, Appetizers & Snacks, Holidays, This and ThatModeraterating
Cheddar CrackersAmerican, Appetizers & Snacks, The BakeryEasyrating
Cheese StrawsAppetizers & SnacksEasyrating
Chex Party MixAppetizers & Snacks, Holidays, AmericanEasyrating
Chicken Liver PatéAppetizers & Snacks, European, Italian, Meats, PoultryEasyrating
 Chinese Chicken WingsAppetizers & Snacks, Asian, Cooking on Budget, Poultry, Quick mealsEasyrating
 Chopped Roast Beef SandwichAppetizers & SnacksEasyrating
Citrus & Basil Marinated ShrimpAmerican, Appetizers & Snacks, Fish & SeafoodEasyrating
Clams CassinoAppetizers & Snacks, Italian, Fish & SeafoodModeraterating
Crab DipAppetizers & SnacksEasyrating
Crab Rangoon Pot StickersAppetizers & Snacks, Fish & Seafood, AsianEasyrating
Crab Stuffed MushroomsAppetizers & Snacks, Fish & SeafoodEasyrating
Crab Stuffed Portobella MushroomsAppetizers & Snacks, Fish & Seafood, Vegetables, This and That, AmericanEasyrating
 Creamy Vegetable DipAmerican, Appetizers & Snacks, Vegetarian & Special DietsEasyrating
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