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Southern Cajun-Influenced Turkey Wings

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NameSouthern Cajun-Influenced Turkey Wings
SourceMy Honey, Ralph and My Mom-in-Law
Prep. Time10 mins.
Cook Time45-60 mins.

The first time my Ralph brought these home from his moms and told me what they were, I was unimpressed because I am not a great lover of Turkey, generally; and of wings, especially!   But, By yimminy!  They were pretty good!

So I put a little of my Dad's natural Cajun twist on them and they were even better!!  It was the first compliment I got from his Mom in 6 years!!!!!  Ralph even said they were way better , shoot!  even I Loved them!  Hope you do, too!


For dinner for 4:  Have your meat clerk at the supermarket or at the meat mart or your butcher prepare 8-10 Turkey Wings by cutting them EVENLY in HALF. You will not believe how inexpensive these are!

Olive or a blended oil to just cover the wings

2 cans good quality Cream of Chicken Soup (10 3/4 oz cans)

3 heaping Tablespoons Cajun seasoning (the Red kind, not  the Blackened kind) (I use Cajun Classiques from Spice World Seasonings out of Orlando)

1/8 tsp. each coarse ground black pepper and sea salt

1/2 cup sliced celery , rinsed and drained AND 1 small onion , sliced into rings

Step: 1

In a large bowl, toss wings with oil, salt & pepper, and Cajun seasoning.  Brown in (preferably a cast iron or non-stick pan) until Medium Brown on both sides.

Arrange in a 13x9 (preferably glass) lasagna pan and sprinkle celery and separated onion rings evenly over all wings.

Step: 2

Gently cover entire pan with the cans of cream of chicken soup.

Cover lightly with foil and Bake at 350o for 45 to 60 minutes minutes; checking doneness by picking up a wing section and having it slide easily off the fork.

Nutrition Information
Turkey is naturally low in fat, and has a decent amount of Triptophane so you can eat like a Southerner, be lulled into a nap and never have a guilty moment in-between!!
Menu suggestion

We have a 2-vegetable 1-starch rule in my house, therefore, I will usually make a big bowl of collard, turnip or mustard greens (served with Nakano Vinegar!) mmmmm. 

A bowl of either white rice or mashed potaoes (no gravy, just sour cream or low-fat spread) and the ever-present sweet potatoe or butternut squash chunks served with a decent helping of Mrs. Dash and Butter Buds-gotta watch it at our ages!

Dessert- Jello and whipped cream or our favorite Sorbet.


My Love to Lorene Johnson and Willie Ralph

Time submitted: Monday, November 10. 2008 at 00:16:59
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Re: Southern Cajun-Influenced Turkey Wings (Score 1)
By Kate on Monday, November 10, 2008 @ 06:35:44 MST
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Laura I had a feeling you were a Southerner!
I love wings. I bet this would be a great crock pot recipe if cooked on low.




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